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hi, my name is Aäron, I'm a full stack web developer with an eye for design.

As a curious and enthusiastic person, I'm always looking for new opportunities and keep up to date with the latest trends. I love to discuss design and idea's over coffee and find the right direction for each project I work on. Being both a developer and designer makes the process of building the perfect website for my clients' needs much easier.

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Creating websites is more than writing code, it starts with a thought-through design to make a UI that flows in the customers' hands. Using best-practises to captivate the attention of a user. Have a business idea but no clue where to start? Don’t hesitate to contact me.


landing page of rvnb


My first ever web application that I made during the Le Wagon web development bootcamp. This project was in collaboration with three other people, I learned a lot during the development of the project about both technical & management skills.

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This was the final project for Le Wagon, it was made with the same (DreamTeam) as my first application, with this application I learned a lot about working with API's and using Javascript for interacting.

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One Day Jobs

A website made for a local business for small jobs around the house. One of the focus points for this website was to have a multipage form that guides the customer through a couple of question to deliver the best service possible.

landing page of semiprof


A platform where 'semi' professionals can sell their services to teach others.

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